Hygeia Consulting and Management Solutions

Solutions We Offer

Custom Dashboards

HCM has a wide array of dashboard displays to give you accurate data without having to execute report views – keeping the data crisp and fresh.

  • Cerner Generic Views for Powerforms
  • Cerner Powernote Template Views
  • Millennium Pages to give the physicians and nurses interactive views

Application Re-builds

Capability to Rebuild any of your applications from the foundation to correct any issues that may have occurred during your implementation

  • Powerform re-designs
  • Event Set Hierarchy restructure
  • Powernote Templates Tailored to specific specialty's
  • Pathnet Labs Audited to insure Accuracy

Interface Capabilities

Examining All your Interfaces to give recommendations and concerns if anything can be improved.

  • Building Application Interfaces
  • HL7 message auditing
  • Offloading Data to Provide Alternate Data Warehouses

System performance

Analyzing your CCL reports that are placing excessive loads on your system to provide corrective action.

  • Analyzing Oracle Indexes
  • Restructuring Problematic Data Manipulation within the reports
  • Identifying other data storage pools
  • Audit Scripts we will install to identify Gaps and Improvements

CCL Report Manipulation

Providing Viewable Solutions that are maintainable and efficient for the long-term future.

  • Re-formatting the source for ease readability of Analyst
  • Create Structure within the CCL Source Code for ease of maintenance
  • Creating a Library and structure to your existing reports for reuse and not brand new rebuilds
  • Capable of Converting the PRG source back to the DVT Layout Version for clients


Setting up rules to Improve patient care and remove un-needed rules that deem excessive.

  • Organizing your Rules so Business Analyst can run reports for auditing
  • Setting up triggers to load data for reporting
  • Rule/Alert tuning services where deemed necessary