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All About Hygeia Consulting

Hygeia Consulting & Management LLC provides the scalability and flexibility to meet the new age challenges, while empowering Physicians and Nurses to perform and administer accurate and precise Quality of Care.

HCM offers a comprehensive range of services with its Software Solution Templates, providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of services. HCM provides a full portfolio of 12 years of templates offering the scalability and flexibility to meet today's regulatory's and government initiatives, while empowering your Healthcare facility for unparalleled profits and Healthcare Service.

Retaining HCM to bring you the solutions built on experience and long term Success, then you've made an excellent investment with returns for the short and long term.

Analyzing the Need

HCM will come in to meet and conduct interviews with staff to identify the needs of improvement and will evaluate each specific case to determine a long term solution. Medical Care is complex, interlinked and doesn't follow a standard process, which is caused by the individuality of patients and their need of medical care.

Framework for Matrices

When the HCM engagement begins we will begin by identifying and measuring the productivity of your current state in healthcare service systems that are associated with the quality, suitable metrics you identify as well as the constructs of service quality.

Alignment to your Solutions

HCM brings more than a 20 years of experience with Healthcare software and 20 years of developing Solutions for Clients across the Globe. We evaluate the specific need and align the customers with the solution needed to improve overall quality and performance in Healthcare.


Offers a guaranteed measureable quality improvement on any assignment we take. Hygeia Consulting & Management LLC will bring you the exact solution needed from a Healthcare standpoint. We work hand and hand with the Users to give them a multitude of options Leveraging our 20 years of experience.